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Brows & Classic Lashes  $960

Brows & Volume Lashes  $1020

Brows & Textured Volume Lashes  $1060

Packages include any type of Permanent Brow service, plus the required 6 week touch up, as well as a Full Set of lashes and the first fill. 

You will receive an upgraded, luxury aftercare kit for both services. 

Teeth Whitening Before After_edited.jpg
Teeth Whitening

1 Session $100

2 Back to Back Session $150

3 Back to Back Session $200

Dental grade teeth whitening using LED Blue light to enhance results. 

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Textured Lashes

1 Swarovski Crystal $70

2 Swarovski Crystals $125

Gold Charm $95

Pre-order Gold Charm $145

Enhance any smile with a cute crystal or gold/silver charm. 

Want to know more? Visit our FAQ's

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